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Yes, there's a coffee plantation in Europe, it might sounds new to many people, but it's just part of their history in Agaete, an island from Spain. Yet, that is the ONLY coffee plantation in Europe and the most north coffee plantation of the world.

Agaete is an island sitting west from the coast of Morocco in North Atlantic Ocean, which is geographically within the African region. This explains why a village from Spain is capable of planting coffee. Instead of saying origin from Spain or Agaete, might be we can consider saying Finca Los Castaños as it's origin, because that's the only coffee farm on the little island. Finca Los Castaños is located in the Valle de Agaete, it has been growing the Typica variety for 200 years and include Geisha, Caturra or Catuai Amarillo variety lately. In recently 50 years, the farm owner Ceferino Jiménez modify their grown of coffee and has the coffee trees grow around mangoes, papayas, avocados, oranges, grapefruits and other types of tropical fruits, which gives this European origin bean unique fruity flavour.

The is no longer just a grange, but a school of coffee since it's grown of national and international recognition, especially after been elected in 2015 by the national barista champion Luis Blanco and his toaster Marisa Baqué to represent Spain in the World Barista Championship 2015.

Their coffee is only sold in the little local gourmet shop of Agaete. We are looking forward to have their coffee bean found in international market.

Video from Finca Los Castaños official website.

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