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A Case That Shake The World: Coffee Companies Must Warn Customers of a Potentially Cancer Risk in Ca

Coffee may soon come with a cancer warning label in California.

Let's have some background information before we go into a deeper discussion about this topic.

The clip on left is the news about this new law from CNN newsroom.

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The news briefly explained the only reason why this law came through was based on the ground of the 91 coffee companies cannot proof the substance, acrylamide (one of the substance listed on California's List of Possible Causes of Cancer)produced during the process of roasting cause no health risk, which actually the coffee only contains very little amount of it and will not cause health issue even drinking 3 or 4 cups on daily bases according to Dr. Roshini Raj from the Associated Professor of Medicine NYU Langone Health, and this is the exactly reason why she was surprised when this law really came through as this is a very common substance that many other foods like baked goods, processed foods, potato chips also contain.

What's acrylamide?

It's a chemical discovered in 2002 by Swedish scientists, which was only 16 years ago. Acrylamide is a byproduct found in high temperature heated starchy foods like potato chips and bread baked over 120 °C and there will be a lot more when it's heated at or over 160°C. Why acrylamide was determined as carcinogens?

This was based on test result that has been shown rising various types of cancers in RATS and MICE when they were exposed to it. However, according to the study "The Heat-generated Food Toxicants Project, HEATOX" conducted by European Commission in 2003-2007, shows compared with many cariogenic foods, exposure to acrylamide can bring higher risk of cancer. And, in the acrylamide experiment on rats and mice, the acrylamide used was purified in high doses (which is an amount of 1,000-10,000 times people can get in a cup of coffee), rather than normally taken from food!

NO PROOF shows acrylamide is a carcinogens to human!

According to American Cancer Society, "“Most of the studies done so far have not found an increased risk of cancer in humans.", there's no link has been confirmed acrylamide too is a carcinogen to human although it might be true to rats and mice. To further explain, as the body structure and needs vary by creatures, it's not hard to understand why some substances is poison or carcinogens in some animal while not to other species and humans, like chocolate poison cats and dogs and human get benefits from it; aspirin kills cats right away and it cures humans illness. Not to mention, the only experiment used to proof acrylamide might be carcinogens to human (acrylamide experiment on animals) has no logical relation to any human coffee consumption conditions.

What the professional says?

The coffee world got supports from loads of professionals, other than Dr. Roshini Raj from the Associated Professor of Medicine NYU Langone Health's brief discussion about acrylamide and health benefits that coffee brings (like reduces the risk of type two diabetes and some sort of cancers like liver cancer) in CNN newsroom. A professor of Medicine Health Research and Policy at Stanford University, professor​ John Iannidis who has been concerning about coffee cancer risk issue also said in an interview that "The amounts of acrylamide people are exposed to in their coffee are so low that it’s hard to say it’d cause cancer." “Among the zillions of things that surround us,” Ioannidis says, coffee is “among the most safe in terms of cancer risk.” Another professional in medical field Joseph Galati, the medical director for the Center of Liver Disease and Transplantation at The Methodist Hospital in Houston says express that people tend to gravitate towards stories about coffee causing cancer since drinking coffee is part of so many people’s routines. In fact, many studies have shown that drinking coffee might actually protect people from developing prostate and liver cancer, melanoma, and a type of cancer in the lining of the uterus.

And there are so many more doctors and professors coming out and telling people that the amounts of acrylamide people are exposed from coffee is safe and in fact coffee is a very healthy drink. Donna Arnett, Kazmi etcetera, so many that no one will be able to list them all out.

Health risk management in coffee focus on acrylamide.

As heating temperature and time of exposure is highly related to the existence of acrylamide, the lighter the roast the less acrylamide in your cup. That's mean light roast, medium light roast and medium roasted coffee have lower risk if any.

And there's no doubt moderation is the key, that's one or two cups will be the best.


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