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The Kyoto from South America, Colombia La Esperanza Geisha Hanami

original image from: https://woman.excite.co.jp/article/beauty/rid_Myreco_1632/

Their special designed package of the Geisha Hanami.

"Hanami" is the Japanses word that sounds familiar to many people, 花見(はなみ), which means flower viewing/cherry blossom viewing. This, I can say is one of the most flirty name for coffee, Geisha Hanami. This Colombia origin coffee bean came from farm La Esperanza of the famous manor Café Granja, which is a Geisha bean (variety) and got it's name Hanami because of it's uniquely outstanding floral aroma of the bean. The choice of word Hanami to highlight the aroma is clearly inspired by the delicate sized bean and the common word of the variety Geisha and Geisha as traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses.

The farm La Esperanza is located in Trujillo of Valle del Cauca in Coloumbia, with the altitude 1.430 - 1.760 m, annual temperature 20°C-23°C , rainfall average: 1.526 mm per year and humidity: 80 – 85%, which makes it perfect for high quality Geisha when it's a variety the higher it's planted the better cupping it'll deliver. The location and their adherent to sustainable farming like reserving part of their farm as ​​forest and wildlife reserve and conservation, incorporating technology to minimize the air pollutants emission and water usage during the production and processing of beans are definite key factors lead to their high quality coffee beans.

Meet your provocative geisha with Colombia La Esperanza Geisha Hanami coffee bean now.

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