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The Big Boy, Brazil Cerrado Monte Carmelo Coffee Bean

Monte Carmelo is a highland municipality located in the northwest of the state of Minas Gerais in Cerrado region of Brazil.

The whole city is averaged at an altitude of sea level 864 m, with the peak at 1,343 m, while the lowest point at 724 m. With average yearly temperature 20.7 °C range from 14.8°C-27.9 °C and average rainfall 1569.1 mm, makes it the perfect site for agriculture like spices, tropical fruits and beans. In which the number one main crop among them is coffee: with an area of ​​15,000ha, planted for a total of 45 million feet with the support of two cooperatives industries of roasting and packaging of coffee certified by the ABIC seal of quality, and one with quality for export.

The rich deep soil ( "Terra Rosa" so as the local natives name it.) together with consistent rainfall and high daytime temperature provide perfect growing condition for coffee, after harvesting the cherry every April till September, beans were natural processed, then the dried berry nutty big plump beans will be shipped worldwide carry with their splash of chocolate tones and peanut aroma. The Brazil Cerrado Monte Carmelo coffee bean is now available in our store.

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