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The Inherited Coffee, Panama Elida Typica Slow Dry Coffee Bean

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Image from Elida Estate(https://elidaestate.com)

Panama Elida Typica Slow Dry Coffee Bean came from the Elida Estate which own by the Lamastus Family Estates who grow coffee as their family business since 1918.

The Elida Estate is located in the region Alto Quiel, Boquete of Panama, which is highest area of the country in steep hills in the skirt of one of the highest volcanoes in Central America, the Baru Volcano in the National Park, which makes it the highest coffee farm in Panama located between 5,500 and 8,200 ft (1.700 and 2.500m) above sea level. The rich deep young volcanic soils and their upholding attitude on hand-pick harvesting at strict full maturity rewards them high quality coffee beans that win top awards in the SCAP BOP competitions in all of the different categories: Traditional Natural, Traditional Washed, and in both Geisha Natural and Geisha Washed category. Typica is one of the species they grow, it is the closest species to the native coffee bean of Central America, it is under the family of Arabica. Typica coffee has a very low production, can only harvest once every two years, however, they deliver excellent aroma, clean and resonant acidity, can be characterized by lemon and floral notes and by a sweet aftertaste. With the Panama Elida Typica Slow Dry processed, it gives the irresistible tropical and stone fruit flavor with touch of caramelized banana and dark chocolate aroma to the quality bean. Have a sip to this elevated precious delicacy delightful beverage.

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