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Easy Ways to Upcycling Used Coffee Grounds At Home

As Safe Organic Fertilizer Surly it will be even better if the coffee ground is organic. Coffee ground performs particularly well for planting flowers like roses, camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons and hydrangeas as the pH value and nutrient are just right for flourish.

Natural Insects Repellent

Protect the plants from snails, ants and slugs with a ring of coffee grounds around the them.

Alternative for Deodorizer Put a bowl of coffee ground into the fridge or freezer can neutralize nasty odors, What makes it even more cool is that it remove lingering food odors from your hands, such as garlic. So simply pick some from your fridge and rub them into your hands and wash will do. You may also sundry the used ground and put them into the shoe cabinets.

Clearing Stuck-on Foods and Even Labels

Soak to soften the stuck-on food or label with warm water, add a few teaspoons of grounds to the area and scrub with a cleaning cloth to scour away any residue sticking matter.

Nurturing Your Skin

You should only use very finely grind grounds for this purpose. Mix the fine coffee grounds with natural skin care oil like coconut oil (best for summer) or olive oil (best for winter). Mix the oil into the ground bit by bit until it become a paste you feel right to apply onto your skin. Massage all over face and body, and rinse in the shower.

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