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People Insights On Coffee Shows That "Human Is A Highly Adjustable Specie"

Every coin has two sides, it's not surprising to have scientific reports suggesting the health benefits that coffee is delivering and as well the other way around. What makes it funny is how the collective opinions of the whole world bounces and swings, as well what matters to people and what's not.

It's kind of interesting to see how opinions flipping back and forth via the news headlines and the interpretations of the journalists, let's have some discovery on coffee and how the minds of the human race changes.

According to CNN news, they high lighted an unbelievably interesting headline to indicate people's insight on coffee during 1500s, "Coffee leads to illegal sex". The conclusion was based on coffee cherry frisky goats and patrons about coffeehouses were engaged in gamble and criminally unorthodox sexual situations when the Arabs first started coffeehouses.

In 1600s, we had "Coffee cures alcoholism but causes impotence"

This marked when the medical community began to extol the benefits of coffee. It was especially popular in England as a cure for alcoholism as it was the most serious medical issue of the time while water was considered not always safe to drink. At the same time,women in London called for the closing of all coffeehouses, saying the brew was making their men 'impotent'.

In 1700s, it seems coffee finial got detached from sex,"Coffee helps you work longer"

In late 1700s, when coffeehouse were everywhere in England, people treat coffee as stimulants to push the colonists to work longer hours.

1800s headline was a bit horrifying,"Coffee will make you go blind. Have a cup of hot wheat-bran drink instead." When malicious slander advertisements flying everywhere across America when the non coffee beverage companies were trying to fight for sales. Those company even claimed coffee was as bad as morphine, cocaine, nicotine or strychnine and could cause blindness.

Had your parents ever stopped you from drinking coffee while you were young and starts mumbling something about health and blah blah when you wanted a reason. Well, this was started in the 1900s, "Coffee stunts your growth" The Good Housekeeping magazine suggested coffee is related to nervousness, heart palpitations, indigestion and insomnia, therefore stunts kid's growth. At the same time, in Science Magazine (2nd Sep,1927) researchers compare the academic results of young coffee drinkers with

scholarship holders and conclude that coffee is bad for grades.

Late 1900s, "Coffee is as serious as a heart attack". Number of scientific and medical research showed overdose of coffee massively increases risk of heart attack or other heart problem and causing rise in blood pressure which mainly consider related to caffeine. But, it's worth to bring up that, these studies didn't consider nor remove factors like obesity, smoking or other lifestyle issues of the participants.

2000s, "Coffee goes meta". Scientists began meta-analysis in every aspects on era health issues, by randomizing and controlling for compounding factors, such as smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and many other lifestyles issues. Under these realistic and truly scientific studies, the results for coffee were mostly good.

In early 2000s, We had "Coffee increases risk of urinary tract cancer", "Coffee decreases risk of liver cancer" Which both studies were reexamined or repeated during 2013 and 2015 with same conclusion.

During early 2010s, we got "Coffee reduces risk of stroke and prostate cancer", "Coffee lowers risk of heart failure","Coffee lowers risk of heart disease and helps you live longer"

It was talking about general heart diseases. Meta-analysis of 36 studies with more than 1.2 million participants found that moderate coffee drinking seemed to be associated with a low risk of heart disease, and, there wasn't a higher risk among those who drank more than five cups a day.

In mid 2010s till now, headlines like "Coffee is practically a health food", "coffee can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle", "Drink up unless you are pregnant"(about risk for fractures or have Parkinson's, higher risk for fractures in women if high level of consumption and no effect for men, lower the risk to have Parkinson's in both gender. Higher levels of coffee consumption were found to increase risk for preterm births and stillbirths, as well as low birth weight in babies.) floods."

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