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Secrets of Coffee, Meanings Behind Their Names II

Other than the coffee we previously introduced, there are of course some other coffee with interesting meaning carries by their names. Coffee is really a golden key in opening the door for the journey of learning Italian when most of their names are Italian.

Caffé Latte

Latte means milk and caffé means coffee in Italian therefore Caffé Latte means milk coffee. So, skipping the word Caffé when you place your order in Italy will definitely result in being given a glass of milk instead of the coffee you desired :)


Macchiato means stained in Italian. Caffé Macchiato is the espresso with the stained mark of milk, that's espresso with barely scrimp of foamed milk.


Although its a very common word in traditional Italian dish, the actual meaning of this word has nothing to do with food. It's a verb, mean "drowned". To drown the delightful gelato with an espresso. Well, this murder sounds fascinating, may I join?


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