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New Fashion Coffee Bean: Slow Dry Processed Bean

photo source: European Coffee Brewing Center (http://kaffe.no/torking/)

Since the day coffee become one of the worlds most popular drink, the roasters and coffee farmers never stop exploring on new methods to have the coffee bean processed as to enhance and introduce the true flavour of different coffee beans.

One of the new way the farmers use is Slow Dry Process, but before going into details, what dry process actually is?


Dry process is one of the methods farmer use to get the beans out from the cherry, dry process is a natural way to have the beans removed, they were also called natural process. It is the oldest method they use. During the process, freshly picked coffee cherry will be lay out to a flat large surface to dry under the sun. When the soft cherry become dry and hard, the drying is considered to be done when the moisture content is 12.5% or less, traditionally the whole process takes around two to three weeks depends on sun shine. Beans will be leave to rest for 2 to 3 months to mature before going to the next process.

Plus, dry / natural process is the most eco-friendly among all the process method.

Now a day...

With the unexpected change of climate like sudden rains, winds and unpredictable sunshine quality causes the instability of the natural processed bean quality and even lost to the farmers. Therefore, natural beans were dry inside green houses instead of outdoors. With the green house, farms can even control the time needed for the process by tuning the humidity inside the green house.

New Fashion Slow Dry...

Economically, it is of course speeding up the drying process should become a trend as farmers tend to make money faster and customer might even get the beans in lower price. Thanks to the coffee lovers, this new technique of controlling drying time has been use in an reversed way, to slow down the dry process.

This involve a design in coffee flavour, it's an art work done by fermentation occur during the dry process. As the cherry remains on the bean during the process, flavour of the cherry somehow goes into the bean because of the fermentation, by controlling the contact time of the beans and cherry, farmers were able to design the sweetness, fruitiness, citrusy and even other characters that the bean possibly taste.

Slow dry process were often tailor made in small slot according to the flavour the roaster request, so they were often valuable.

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