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Coffee Bean Roasting Level and Brewing Water Temperature

When you have to make a perfect coffee, other than the choice of beans, there are 5 major factors affecting your brew. Coffee grind size, coffee water ratio, brewing time, brewing temperature and skills, of course.

It takes years and even decades to become master, but making your cup in scientific ways could at least ensure your brew a nice one. A precise control on water temperature would definitely be essential to make your cup shine.

Traditionally, the basic water temperature for all brewing is 91°C to 96°C. Brewing with water cooler than that will not be able to fully extract the flavour and substances which makes sour bland coffee, the other way around, water hotter than that will "burn" the coffee, somehow easily cause over extraction and make your coffee bitter.

But, that is basic.

Coffee is so delicate that it only takes 2°C different to make it a co-star or a superstar, by adjusting water temperature with the choice roasts level is surly one of the easiest way to have your coffee sings.

In general, darker roasts should brew with "cooler" water to avoid over extraction and lift up the sweetness and citrus that are harder to define in darker roasts in order to have a more balanced cup. "Hotter" water goes better with lighter roasts to elevate the sweetness and fills it with other deeper tones like spicy, earthy and more.

Palicoffee provides usually medium light to medium dark roasts, generally, we recommend brewing our roasts with 92°C for balanced flavour.


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