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Christmas Special: Irish Organic Coffee The Coffee Lovers Party Drink

This Irish Coffee is adjusted and specially designed for the norm of taste of Hong Kong, which is a less sugary and healthy version when compared to those traditions.


Irish Whiskey 20ml

Medium Dark Roasted Organic Myanmar Coffee 150ml

Stevia Plant Sugar 2g (which is as sweet as around 11g-12g white sugar)

Whipping Cream 20ml

If you wish to have your Irish Coffee in a more decorative form. Prepare 15ml of the whipping cream in advance by whipping it till soft tip, scoop into piping bag and refrigerate.

Brew the coffee either with pour over method with the CAFEC Flower Dripper in recommended recipe which this dripper and recipe were designed specifically for rich coffee, or with an aeropress.

Warm your cup and dry with towel, add the stevia plant sugar into the cup and pour in the coffee. Whisk the cream or remaining of the cream slightly and directly pour ONTO the coffee and let it float on top. Pip the whipped cream onto the floating cream platform (if you have prepare) to finish.

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