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Healthy Coffee Drinking Tips

There have been lots of arguments fighting about whether coffee is good for health or the other way round for decades. In our point of view, it is undeniable that there can be serious problems if the coffee drinking habit is unhealthy, too much, poor quality, too much additive etc.
In this article we are going to deliver a few suggestions to help you enjoy your cup in a healthy manner.
1. Buy Organic Drink Organic
In order to claim organic, the coffee farm must not use chemical of any form start from and before the planting of the coffee until they were packed. So this is the product with high nutrient value and no added chemical contents, which is really the beginning of healthy food. If you have difficulty to find one, here you go :)
2. Buy Whole Beans and Grind Them Fresh
Coffee are delicate. This is not only a description on their taste and aroma, but their nutrient. Oxygen and moisture breakdown the nutrient contents once the coffee bean is grind. Especially the coffee bean contains high value of anti-oxidants. This super nutrient will be the first to be consumed once grind. If you have difficulty to find good grinder, here you go :)
3. No Coffee With Empty Stomach
This is mainly to protect your system from absorbing caffeine too much and too quickly, as caffeine stimulates the release of sugar into your bloodstream, sudden increase of caffeine in turn causes pressure to the pancreas that release insulin to balance the blood sugar level.
4. Cut The Sugar
White sugar were processed by chemical, which already sounds harmful. And more, the Time Magazine even had an article titled " Sugar Is Definitely Toxic ", it was a report on the research did by Dr. Robert Lustig, from the department of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, about their founding and definitive evidence that sugar, “is toxic”. You are more then welcome to find out more via here.
5. Only One Cup A Day
Over-drinking of anything can be a problem, even water. Too much coffee can cause Caffeine Overdose, the safe way to prevent this will be limiting the amount of coffee that intake every day to only one cup or one serve per day.
6. Enjoy It Everyday
As to benefit from "super power" of the coffee, drink it everyday like taking supplements. In deed, coffee is one of the most powerful natural supplement when accounting its one of the few superfood.

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