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Coffee Beverages from Hong Kong ONLY?

Coffee is a western food introduced to Hong Kong decades ago, although coffee is surly one good beverage to drink alone, the creative Hong Kong people in the past yet created amazing recipes in the past, people even see them as special local food culture. However those coffee beverages are really that unique or it's just their fantasy?

檸啡 Lemon in Coffee

啡走 Coffee with Condensed milk

鴛鴦 Yuan Yang / Coffee with Tea

西班牙咖啡 Spanish Coffee

Sounds special yet ordinary, right? Actually only the Yuan Yang is a real unique local beverage, surprise! Coffee and Tea is a beverage made with 70% Ceylon black tea and evaporated milk mixed with 30% Coffee, and this drink was invented by the labours from the dock.

How about the rest?

There is a drink called Mazagran in Portugal which is actually very similar to HK style Lemon in Coffee, Spanish Coffee is the HK version of Affogato

in Italy, if you are thinking about the Spanish Coffee with cream, that will be the Eiskaffee from Germany, while Coffee with Condensed milk is very close to Ca Phe Sue Da in Vietnam.

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