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Coffee Benefits Liver

Many people talks about coffee benefits the health of heart, a recently research "A British Liver Trust report" published June 2016 by the organization British Liver Trust has confirmed that

" coffee is good for your liver !!

The report was done based on researches and evidence has been reviewed. In this article, we are going to introduce a few benefits that coffee will bring to your liver.

- Prevention of liver cancer

Would Health Organisation confirmed that regular drinking amounts of coffee

reduced the risk of liver cancer after reviewing over 1000 studies in humans.

- Lowering risk of cirrhosis and fibrosis (scar tissue that builds up within the liver).

- Might slow down the progression of liver disease.

One very good news about this report is that the benefits are effective no matter how the coffee is made, and even instant coffee.

Although the key of liver health is the control of the amount of alcohol, good diet, plenty of water and regular exercises, proper coffee drinking habits helps protecting your liver from developing diseases, and also helps those with some degree of liver damage.

source: British Liver Trust

full report: Coffee consumption and the liver – the potential health benefits

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