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Enjoy a Free Cup on 17-20 Aug at HKTDC Food Expo! (Open for public)

HKTDC Food Expo 2017 (香港貿發局美食博覽 2017)

Enjoy a FREE coffee of your choice @ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (3/F, Hall3, Booth 3B-C18 , map available here)

There will be 3 single origin coffees for your choice tailor made for you by hand drip from our professional barista.

1. Yirgacheffe (Yirgacheffe G1)

Yirgacheffe is one of the capital of Gedeo region in Ethiopia with attitude 1880-1919 feet. The coffee bean produced in the area is famous with the aroma of citrus, therefore any beans grown near by and presents the sensation of citrus will be classified as Yirgacheffe.

With the high attitude of 1700-2300m and average climate of 15-20°C, the Yirgacheffe manage to produce stable high quality coffee bean, as their bean is available all year round, Yirgacheffe is one of the most popular coffee bean in the coffee world.

The Yirgacheffe we are offering is classified as Grade 1 coffee, therefore the name of the bean is Yirgacheffe G1, they are natural processed Heirloom, with light and silky texture and cupping note of berry, floral and tangerine.

2. Costa Rica Sabanilla (Red Honey)

3. Myanmar Organic (Washed)

What's more?

We also have several coffee bean and brewing tools ready for your purchase :)

Freshly roasted coffee bean (100g /pack):

Yirgacheffe G1 (Natural) - 110HKD

Costa Rica Sabanilla (Red Honey) - 120HKD

Myanmar Organic (Washed) - 100 HKD

and Brewing tools:

Handy grinder

Home use coffee grinder

Home use coffee maker


Electronic scale

Glass carafe

Pour over kettle

Cold brew tower

Get There:

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