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Taste of Africa, Kenya (Ruiru 11)

Kenya Ryiru 11 was released in 1986 and named after the station at the region, Ruiru. How about 11? The ’11’ in Ruiru are code number which denote additional information. The first ‘1’ denotes the type of variety as a one-way cross between two designated parent populations. The second ‘1’ defines the sequence of release, which together means bean variety one the first release. As this variety bean is more resistance to Coffee Berry Disease and can be planted at a density of 2500-3300 trees per ha which is more dense when compared to the traditional varieties while it was 1300 trees only, it has become more popular across Kenya coffee farms.

Washed Kenya Ruiru 11 carry tastes of citrus, currant and cane sugar together with note of floral and hints of winey.

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