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The New World Coffee, Myanmar

There was coffee bean growing industry in Myanmar since 1885 at Myeik and Dawel, but not until 1930, the Arabica coffee grow on Myanmar's land. In recent years, the beans from Myanmar sing in the modern coffee world because of their unique character , especially when they tastes particularly well in dark roasts which is perfect for brewing Espresso.

About 80% of the coffee crops were private and public large coffee estates comprise the remainder of the annual harvest. Like many other origins, there are cooperative associations that help the coffee farmers economically by aiding in sale of beans.

Myanmar is very young as a coffee origin, we are honored to introduce to you this new star from the coffee world. Beans from Myanmar are medium or creamy body, almost oily and best with full city roast, they are quite similar to the body of Indonesian coffee with herbal earthy tarry taste that seems laced with garlic, also with sweetness of fruit.

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