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Basic Homemade Cappuccino Recipe

The secret of a perfect cappuccino is no more than a shot of good quality espresso and nice milk foam. The recipe is so simply that any one can make their own as long as they have an Espresso Machine with a built-in steaming wand or for alternative an Aeropress or French Press together with a milk frother. 150ml Cappuccino Recipe:

25 ml Espresso

85 ml Whole Fresh Milk ( For smoother and more stable texture)


1. Make the Espresso with a cappuccino cup.

2. Pour cold milk into steaming pitcher till a 1/3 full.

3. Eliminate residual water from steaming wand by releasing steam for a second.

4. Dip steaming wand into milk and jet to start steaming.

5. Lower the pitch when the volume of milk increase.

6. Steam until the milk reaches 65 degrees.

7. Compress the foam with a few taps of the bottom of the pitcher onto the counter top.

8. Pour the foamed milk directly into your espresso.

9. Jet the steaming wand one more time to eliminate any milk residue.

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