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Soft Water or Hard Water? Choosing The Right Water For Coffee.

Other than coffee bean, water is the major element in the cup of coffee, no wonder more and more professional barrister are paying their attention to the choice of water as well. People tend to consider hard water as the best choice for the brew, but the question is, is it true or simply an urban legend? Scientists gave us the answer.

" Water Makes Up 98% of Your Cup of Coffee."

Metallic ions like as calcium, magnesium and barium bonds with the flavour molecules of coffee and enhance the flavour.

According to Christopher Hendon, chemist from the University of Bath, there are six water commonly found minerals make contributions to the flavour of coffee.

Calcium - enhance heavier creamy notes, reduce acidic notes

Magnesium - enhance sharp fruity flavours

Carbonate - stabilizing acid level

Sodium - react with chemical in coffee

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