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Secrets of Coffee, Meanings Behind Their Names

One of the mystery of coffee is the name "coffee" itself. According to history, coffee was first introduced to Europe in Italian, "caffe" which was derived from the Turkish kahveh. In turn from Arabic word "qahwah", the short form of qahhwat al-bun, means “wine of the bean.”

Other than the word coffee, the hidden meaning carries by the names of some coffee drinks are quite interesting.


Has nothing to do with chocolate, it's from the name of port in Yemeni, Al Mokha. Which one variety of coffee beans became extremely popular in Europe, and that's where the beans were shipped from. Nowadays, beans from that origin were commonly called Arabica beans.


Named after the Capuchin monks who wore dark brown hoods. Which the brown color of the coffee is very similar to the color of the monks’ hoods.


Linked to the word pressed, which is a description of how how this coffee is made.


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