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Decaf Coffee

Decaf, decaffeinated coffee, a word that disgusted by most coffee lover but adored by many healthy eaters. Many people consider decaf as a healthier choice for coffee based on avoiding the intake of low caffeine, however, only few people know decaf contains caffeine and what it actually is and how it's made.

What Is Decaf Coffee

According to FDA regulations, in order to label as decaf, 97 percent of the original caffeine must be removed from the beans. Since caffeine content varies from origin to origin, bean to bean, it's hard to tell exactully how much caffein is contain in the bean, and based on rough estimation, there will be around 3-32mg caffein in a 12oz regular decaf.

How Do We Get Caffeine Out Of The Coffee

Caffeine is removed from the green coffee beans and there are many ways to achieve that, like the more natural methods, water, organic solvents or carbon dioxide, and the non-natural ones like seasoned vintners, and some even involves chemical methyl chloride.

Coffee beans are processed until the caffeine has been extracted into it, then the bean is removed. The taste and smell may become a little milder and the color may change, depending on the method used although some says the Methyl chloride has the least affect on taste because the chemical will bonds with the alkaloids in caffeine.

To Sum Up

With referring to the article from Fox News, there's studies saying regular coffee drinking to hypertension, decreased bone density and high levels of gastric acidity. And while switching to decaf might help with insomnia, those looking to avoid other unwanted health. Problems associated with coffee should not assume that eliminating their caffeine intake is the answer.“Many health conditions that are affected by coffee are also aggravated by drinking decaf, due to the phytochemicals that remain after the decaffeination process,” Bella said.These conditions include increased gastric acidity (heartburn or GERD), interfering with mineral absorption (particularly iron) and increased incidence of rheumatoid arthritis.Bella says that up to 400 milligrams of caffeine is considered fine for most adults in good health.

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