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Easter Celebration, Quick Coffee Easter Egg

Easter is coming soon, who can resist the shot of coffee with an chocolate egg as the cup to celebrate for the holiday morning! All you need is 3 ingredients and 1 or 2 sets of tools.


Chocolate Egg Shell from supermarket

Chocolate coins from supermarket

Cold brew coffee (please click here for recipe) or ice coffee


Spoon , Hot water, Tissue Paper

Cold water brewer (optional)


Step 1

Heat up the spoon with hot water.

Step 2

Remove only the foil of the very bottom of the Chocolate egg and one side of the chocolate coin.

Step 3

Dry the spoon

Step 4

Melt a small hole on the bottom of the egg with the tip of the spoon, heat up the spoon again with hot water afterwards.

Step 5

Fill the egg with cold brew / ice coffee

Step 6

Dry the spoon

Step 7

Melt the edge of the opening and quickly cap the chocolate coin on top and press slightly before the molten edge cools down and set

Step 8

Put into fridge to set.

Step 9

Remove all the foil and have a bite on top, CHEERS!

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