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The New World Coffee, Thailand

Affected by the global climate change, the belt of coffee production has been shifting to higher latitudes then the old days. New coffee origins born, Thailand is one of them.

In the 1970s King Bhumibol Adulyadej launched a series of coffee projects in the north to help local communities grow cash crops like coffee as an alternative to growing opium poppies. Thailand became an exporter of coffee since then.

In 2014, Thailand has their coffee producer become the top ones in the world's coffee industry and has the country ranked third among the coffee producing countries of Asia with robusta coffee accounting for 99 percent of its production.

In general, there were two types of coffee bean grow in Thailand, with Arabica beans grown in the north in the northern border region where the places were known as the Golden Triangle in the old days, Robusta beans in the south. Both are good and common choice for espresso.

Profile of beans from Thailand

Arabica: fruity, flowery and sweet

Robusta: woody, mineral and earthly

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