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Drink like an Italian!

Coffee has become one of the most popular drink in the world since it was first introduced from Ethiopia via the Italian. When coffee become part of our daily live, it grows and develops into a unique culture in different civilizations and continue to evolve through time.

It is interesting to get to know how people drink coffee in other places, join us for a world trip to other countries and explore the coffee world.

The first station is ITALY!

Prendiamo un caffè?

Prendiamo un caffè? is a standard Italian greeting means "Fancy a coffee?"

Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture that it's set in stone, but actully, how they drink coffee?

1. Milk in the morning

Only drink cappuccino, caffé latte, latte macchiato or any milky form of coffee in the morning, and never after a meal.

2. Keep in simple

Requesting a mint frappuccino in Italy is like asking for a single malt whisky and lemonade with a swizzle stick in a Glasgow pub.( CREDIT: 2013 SCOTT GRIESSEL/CREATISTA/SCOTT GRIESSEL/CREATISTA)

There are Italian jokes about with coffee: In Naples, you must order un caffè alla nocciola – a frothy espresso with hazelnut cream. In Milan you can impress the locals by asking for un marocchino, a sort of upside-down cappuccino, served in a small glass which is first sprinkled with cocoa powder, then hit with a blob of frothed milk, then spiked with a shot of espresso.

3. Un caffè ! NOT 'espresso'

As espresso is the default setting and single the default dose, a single espresso is simply known as un caffè. A caffè is a strong shot of espresso (the term ‘espresso’ is rarely used in Italian coffee bar parlance). A macchiato is an espresso with a dash of steamed milk.

4. Double trouble

Italians don't drink double espresso. Italians do drink a lot of coffee, but they do so in small, steady doses.

5. Say it loud

At the bar, call out the order even if the barista has his back to you, and pay afterwards at the till.

6. Just the ticket and no take away

If it's an airport or station bar or a tourist place where the barista screams "ticket" at thee, pay before you consume. Except in train stations, cafes rarely stock disposable take-out cups. Hurry or no hurry, you’ll be expected to drink at the bar (al banco) with the locals.

7. Stand stand stand, stand for your cup!

Coffee is a pleasurable drug in Italy, but a drug nevertheless, no one would sit down at a pavement table to take drugs. So never sit down for a coffee!

8. Some like it hot

No boiling hot coffee in Italy.

9. The permitted drinks
You can find the following variations of coffee, and only.
Cappuccino (caffè macchiato) and caffé latte (latte macchiato) –> an espresso with a dash of milk or a hot milk with a dash of coffee in mornings only
Caffè corretto-> an espresso with a slug of brandy or grappa; and caffè freddo (iced espresso) or cappuccino freddo (cappuccino). But beware, this usually comes pre-sugared. You may also ask for un caffè lungo or un caffè ristretto if you prefer more or less water in the espresso.
10. Dark roast is the king.
They like their coffee to have a heavily roasted, bittersweet flavour with a brown foam or crema on top. Smooth, fruity taste notes and fancy latte art are anathemas to most Italians.

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