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Do it properly ! The coolest brewing method for a cold coffee, Cold Brew

Cold brew also named cold press, is the brewing method done by steeping coffee grounds in room temperature water or ice water for 12 hours or more.

This brewing method is so simple that anyone can do it at home yet so complicated that you can find thousand ways to brew before you found your very own perfect one. As cold brew was invented by the Japanese, we are going to introduce you a simple basic recipe of cold brew coffee in Japanese style to get start with.

This is a recipe for 5 serves, you may save the rest for 5 days. Here's what you need to make the cold brew coffee

50g coffee bean, 500 ml+ filtered water (or a mixture of filtered water with fresh ice frozen with filtered water), coffee grinder and a cold water brewer.

1. Coarsely grind your coffee bean.

2. Add the ground to the filter cup (middle part) and put the spreader back in place.

3. Set the upper chamber back to place.

4. Add ice then the water to the upper chamber

5. Adjust the dipping speed (from 1 drop every second to every 10 seconds)

6 Finish when the bottom carafe is full.

7. This recipe is for 5 serves, reserve the rest in the fridge and it can be kept for about 5 days.

Keeping the cold brew in fridge and have a serve everyday is a fun thing to do, because you will find new taste and aroma developing in your cold brew, therefore it has a new taste everyday.

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