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Cold brew, fashion item of coffee world

Cold brew coffee is the most fashionable way of coffee brewing method in recent years. When everybody excepted this method as an new invention, we have to tell you that, it might not be as "new" as you imagine, but still it is really fashionable, right?

In this article we are going to get into a few interesting facts about cold brew coffee.

Cold brew is also called cold water extract or cold press

It takes 12 hours or more to brew one

Japanese invented this brewing method in the 1600s

The invention of this brewing method was aimed at removing the acidity in coffee, and it's 65-70% less acidic when compared with other brewing methods.

Room temperature water or ice water are both okay for cold brew.

Long brewed cold brew coffee might smells like Marsala used for tiramisu.

Cold brew is the brewing method which extract most caffeine

Next time, we are going to introduce you the basic method of doing the cold brew coffee.

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