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Coffee super boost how much coffee you should drink ?

About 4/5 of the people in the world drink coffee on daily basis and many of them were drinking coffee for a jolt of caffeine to get started in the morning. Founding tells us that consuming caffeine is good to our health in certain ways and at the same time can be unhealthy if there's too much caffeine in our body, how much should we consume to stay awake and stay safe?

" The key of healthy eating is moderation ! "


According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, for most healthy people, 200 to 300 micrograms of caffeine per day won’t cause any negative effects, that is two to seven serves of coffee, depends on the bean and brewing method.

If you are drinking espresso, you can have 7.5 shots max. per day

For pour over, 2.5 cups (12 oz cup) is your maximum

And for the trendy cold brew, it's a bit complicated when we have to clarify the caffeine content in cold brewing coffee as it really depends on the length of brewing time. Since it's a definite that cold brew contains more caffeine than pour over, we will suggest 1.5 to 2 cups as maximum daily consume.

If you’re feeling too dependent on caffeine to jump-start your morning, try these ideas to cut back on your consumption:

  • Cut your caffeine intake by switching to espresso instead of pour over and avoid cold brew coffee

  • Take a nap of 15 - 20 minutes immediately after your coffee

  • Drink dark roast coffee instead to fool your brain as the strong taste gives impression that the content and effects in the drink is richer.

The key to caffeine intake is moderation.


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