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Roasting Level vs Coffee Origin vs Brewing Temperature

When making tea, we use a higher water temperature for black and lower water temperature for the light color green tea. For coffee, it's the other way round.

"Tune the brewing temperature for the balancing of taste"

The water temperature is directly related to how the coffee taste. The lower water temperature tend to make coffee with higher acidity, since the light roasted coffee aimed at keeping the original taste of the bean, they are usually more fruity and carry more acidity, therefore low temperature brewing with light roasted bean is very likely to result in an overpowering sourness.

The basic rule of coffee brewing is lower temperatures for darker roasts and higher temperatures for lighter roasts.

light roast : 92-93°C

medium roast : 90-92°C

dark roast : 88-90°C

Coffee beans from different origin tend to carry different character so the above rule can also apply to match beans from different region as well.

African region : 92-93°C

Pacific region : 888-90°C

Central and South America region : 90-92°C

At the end of the day, the key of making a your own perfect cup by adjusting temperature is to modify the combination with your own experience, but, if you want to save some trouble, you may do it with a more tricky way by doing for brewing within the range of 90-96°C / 195 - 205°F. Which means water just off the boil.

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