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How To Make Hand drip / Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee is a primary brewing method, it is so simple that many people are able to make their cup after a demonstration, yet it can be a very difficult one since it is one of the most interesting and colorful way of making coffee.

We will share with you the basic of pour over brewing and a few tips to make a good one.

You will need

You may get every tool you need for pour over here

Recipe (per serve)

18 g medium coffee grind

300 ml ~93°C/199°F water*

To Brew the Pour Over

Set your filter and cone over your container.

Wet your filter with hot water and pour away before your continue.

Put coffee grind into the filter and wet with hot water, let it set for 30 seconds.

Start your first brew by gently pouring about 100 ml hot water to the grind in spiral motion from center to edge and back to the center.

When the water level coming close to the level of grinds, perform your second brew by gently pouring the remaining 174 ml hot water to the grinds, again in spiral motion from center to edge and back to center, repeat until use up all the water.


- Water temperature should be adjust with the roasting level of coffee for balanced flavour

- If the water dripping rate slows down, you may adjust and reduce the amount of water poured in each brew and brew your cup with 3 or 4 pouring instead of 2.

- OR give it a good stir if the water dripping too slowly.

- Rate of coffee dripping affected by grind size and material of filter.

- Control the brewing time by finishing the brew in around 1 min 30 sec and within 2 min.

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