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Christmas Morning Cup Orange Cinnamon Coffee

Instead of struggling between freshness of orange juice, comfortingly heartwarming chocolate and aroma of coffee for the Christmas morning drink, why not have them all? That will be a drink carries the mixture of the cinnamon and coffee aroma and also the spice and sweet taste of coffee and cinnamon together with the pleasant sense of orange, finish with chocolate aftertaste and enjoy the deja vu bring by the encore of graceful orange zest fragrancy running between your oral and nasal cavities long after your breakfast. Yes, I'm taking about the Orange Cinnamon Coffee we are going to introduce. After all it's Christmas morning :)

" Hand drip is the most freestyle brewing method "

You can do hand drip in so many different ways and still get a good cup, why not get inspired and try something special for such a special day.

In order to make the Orange Cinnamon Coffee, you will need a V60 filter and filter paper, pour over kettle and a cup. In this recipe, we recommend medium roasted Elida for the bean, organic cinnamon grind and using fresh orange instead of candied orange peel, last but not least, a reindeer from Santa.

Prepare around 1g / 1 teaspoon orange zest, you can have it sun dry 1 day before use or use it fresh. Both ways work well.

Grind 18g medium roasted Elida to medium grind.

Set the filter paper, wet with hot water to warm it up and pour away the water afterwards.

Add all ingredients, start with coffee grinds and finish with cinnamon grinds.

Soak them with about 26 ml hot water and let rest for 30 seconds.

Start your first brew by gently pouring about 100 ml hot water to the grind in spiral motion from center to edge and back to the center.

When the water level coming close to the level of grinds, perform your second brew by gently pouring the remaining 174 ml hot water to the grinds, again in spiral motion from center to edge and back to center, repeat until use up all the 174 ml water.

CAUTION You will find water drip slows down, this is the time you give a generous good stir to help the water drip with desired rate.


When all water goes below grind level, remove the filter and it's ready to drink :)

RECIPE (per serve)

1g or 1 teaspoon orange zest (dry or fresh)

18g medium roasted Elida coffee grind

300 ml hot water (26ml for soaking, 100ml for 1st brew and 174ml for 2nd brew)

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