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Does Coffee Art Make Coffee Taste Worse? Latte Art

Latte Art has became part of coffee culture since introduced to the market. For me, it is always a great invitation to bring the non-coffee drinkers into coffee world, especially those with bad experience of drinking nasty bitter cheap coffee. Latte is a type of coffee with only a third cup of coffee, so what really makes Latte taste good or bad is not able the quality of coffee (it doesn't mean quality of coffee is not important, but to be honest it's not the essential reason), but the quality of the milk, foam and even the skills of the barista.

"so our answer to the question is

YES & NO " Well, as we always say, it is abstract to say what is tasty and what is not since no two people have the exact same sensation on food. So we'll tell you the facts and hope that you can make your own decision. NO! Latte Art Makes Coffee Taste Better, because...

  • It has to be full fat milk in right temperature and thickness to make nice latte art, which full fat milk performs better in balancing the taste of coffee

  • By ensuring quality of milk, people can ensure the bitterness of "bad coffee" is minimize for a better taste

  • The foam and milk makes the coffee smooth and provide a bold texture, this benefit is especially significant for Asian since they have less saliva secretion when compared to Westerners. Full fat milk in latte art enhance the smoothness.

  • Psychologically, food taste better if looks good.

  • Milk foam adds welcome depth and intensity to presentation but different levels of taste in a delicate manner and bring rhythm through the whole drinking experience.crema, which "playing" crema (or milk foam) is the key of creating latte art, "not well mixed" milk foam and crema not only delivering a beautiful

YES! Latte Art Makes Coffee Taste Worse, because...

  • It kills the coffee if the barista is not skillful in latte art

  • It can be a disaster if the proportion is not right e.g. 3D latte art with extra milk foam that's more than a regular latte needed.

  • Coffee taste worst psychologically if the latte art is not nice looking

  • It could destroy the taste if even food coloring is added to create special pattern since most food coloring are with certain flavor.

  • The impact of the soft milk foam of your frist sip might reduce the sensitivity of the taste buds.

  • If it's 3D latte art, it will definitely down grade the texture of the coffee, as the air bubble in the milk foam has to be large so that it has the stiffness to hold the shape, which large bubbles in fact give rough texture to the coffee

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