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Single Origin Bean - Carrizal Community

Carrizal Community Beans are beans from a group of coffee farmer from the fertile country Costa Rica.

The Country
Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, lying between Nicaragua and Panama, another country famous with their coffee. The tropical rain forest and volcanic landscape not only boost their tourism but more importantly, providing rich soil for their agriculture. Together with the tropical climate, makes Costa Rica one of the best region for the coffee farming industry.
The Communities
There are several coffee communities in Costa Rica, but are these community for? Are they interest group? Are they charity? Might be there are a few of them were established with these purpose, but many of them were established for the benefits of small coffee farmers. Take Carrizal Community as an example, it is a community which give tests and authentications to the products from small farms and allows them the opportunity to have the quality of their coffee valued.
Beans from Carrizal Community
If the beans score 85 points, they will be combined with other quality beans from other small farms and paid with appropriate premium. Which actually is the concept of Fair Trade coffee. This system ensure not only the living of small farmers but the quality of the beans that consumers going to get.

In Palicoffee, we do have Carrizal Community Bean, the beans are washed Caturra / Catuai with that grown with altitude1650-1750m, which gives good body coffee with sweet, balance, caramel and citric cupping note.

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