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Coffee Film Festival

Drinking coffee is part of daily life for many people in the Western world. In Eastern culture, it is associated with modern or high class lifestyle, so it makes very good sense to us that film as an art form is highly related with coffee although the coffee film festival has nothing to do with the Eastern culture.

The coffee Film Festival introduce films with coffee themes, there are are independent short films which are not merely company advertisements, big films like A Film About Coffee from, Caffeinated, and even documentaries like A Small Section of the World which tells the inspirational story about a group of women from a remote farming region of Costa Rica whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world, Aroma of Heaven which is quite historical and Barista – WORLD PREMIERE! which is a story about successful barista.

To be honest, this film festival was hold in 2015, but good art last forever, we appreciate for the afford and sprite they putted into the coffee world, we introduce you these films for the love of coffee. Although the festival has finished, the films stays in the coffee world, you can always find them on net and enjoy with your coffee.

A Small Section of the World Trailer

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