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Single Origins VS Blends - Fun Personality Quiz

"Comparing the single origin coffee with blends is really an apples and oranges situation." If you are feeling difficult on deciding which is more suitable for you, maybe we can help you by giving you some concepts about the two, we've talked about price, food allergy and taste in our last articles, this time, we will have some fun, instead of picking the one after reading lots of information, we will suggest one for you. Feel free to take it as your reference : )


It is very difficult to tell whether an apple taste better than an orange or the other way

Pick the answers that fit you most for the questions below and add up the scores:

1) It is the early spring morning, you are camping with your friends, someone suggested swimming in the lake and catch some fish for breakfast, you will:

A. jump into water immediately and try to be the first one side (1)

B. wait and see how others react and follow their lead (3) C. stay on shore (5)

2) You were left alone on an island with plenty of resources. One day you find an old sailboat that is large enough to load supply for 10 days, you are so excited although you had no experience in driving vehicle of any kind, you will:

A. Have a walk around the boat and leave (5)

B. Get onto the boat and see what you can do with it (3)

C. Gather supplies immediately and get ready for sail (1)

3) You are in a hurry and you have to get to the other side of the river, will to get onto the boat if it's overloaded already?

A. No (5) | B. Sure (1) | C. I don't know (3)

4) You go to the bio-lab and visit your friend, she wants you to hand her the snake that lies on her workbench. You will:

A. Just grab her what she want(5)

B. NO WAY! (1)

C. Well, give me a minute (3)

5) Which will you prefer, parachuting with a coach or be the first person who go parachuting with the latest parachute with fully automatic system which claimed to be the safest parachute on earth and without a coach.

A. I will not go parachuting. (5)

B. Go with the coach (3)

C. Go with the automatic parachute (1)

6) You are embroiled a bank robbery, a brigand put a bomb into your hand and claim that it will explode if you let go or if they are not able to guarantee their safety within 2 hours. There is only 5 minutes left, you know for sure that the bomb will explode at least 3 seconds after let go, you will:

A. Safe yourself, throw it to the brigands and hide (1)

B. Do nothing and believe you will be saved at the last minute (5)

C. Not Sure (3)

7) You saw a kitten sleeping on the rail, there was a train approaching and likely to arrive in 10 seconds, you will:

A. close your eyes and pray for it (5)

B. attempt to save the kitten by pushing it away with a stick (3)

C. run! Move the kitten to the safe place! (1)


7-13 marks

You are an adventurous! Stop your research on net about how coffee taste, the best way to find out how they taste is by trying with your own taste buds! Go Jones, start your journey to the center of the coffee world and have fun !

14-27 marks

You are a brave person and have the courage to take risks if it's not that dangerous. It seems too boring to start with blended coffee for you, so our suggestion for you is to start by trying out light roasted single origin beans from the Central & South American Region Nozza, Elida or Hartmann. If you feels adventurous, may be can go with Carrizal Community which also came from the American Region or beans from Africa with more protrude and unique notes that's quite different from commercial coffee. We will recommend Yirgacheffe to start with.

28-35 marks

You are a very cautious person, by carefully planning and researching before proceeding, you seldom make the wrong choice. Trust yourself and pick the coffee that you think that suit you best. If you don't have time to do the research, we will suggest you starting by medium to dark roasted blended coffee. If you are looking for single origin coffee, you may start by medium roasted coffee from Pacific region like umatra, Java, Sulawesi, Indian or Mocha from Yemen and Hartmann from Panama.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Beans in Palicoffee from Central & South American Region :

Carrizal Community | Nozza | Elida |


from Africa :

Dumerso | Sidamo Guji | Aricha G1

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