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Single Origins VS Blends - Taste

"Comparing the single origin coffee with blends is really an apples and oranges situation." If you are feeling difficult on deciding which is more suitable for you, maybe we can help you by giving you some concepts about the two, we've talked about price and food allergy in our last articles, this time, we will have a short discussion on their TASTE.



It is very difficult to tell whether an apple taste better than an orange or the other way around, so do coffee beans. There's no way to judge whether the single origin beans always taste better or the blended ones, but we can pick those fitting your taste buds by getting to know more about their characteristics.

Tasting notes of coffee varies by their origins, Central American coffees tend to carry brown sugar, cocoa, and spice flavors, Kenyan coffees are often bright, fruity, sweet yet tart while Ethiopian coffees carry sweet berry flavor or floral notes. Some people prefer blended coffee as they ensure the balance of flavour, but if you have sensitive taste buds and tend to dislike a certain taste, blended bean packs might not be the best choice for you even if you prefer a balanced cup, especially if the flavour you don't like is commonly found in many origins. As beans chosen to be blended for the same packs are always with the intention of the balancing of flavor, you will always find more than 3 or 4 notes in your blended coffees, it is very likely you will hit the flavor that you don't like. In this case we will recommend single origin or blend beans with all the beans from the same region.

Basically coffee beans usually carry similar characters when they are from the same region even if they came from therefore, in brief , their characters are as following:

Pacific Region

Bold and Full Body, Herbal, Earthy, Syrupy, Nutty, Spicy

e.g. Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Indian

Central & South American Region

Mild Body, Smooth Texture, Bright Aftertaste, Nutty, Sweet, Buttery, Spicy

e.g. Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Mexican, Colombian, Brazil, Panama

African Region

Bright Texture , Citrus, Floral, Fruity

e.g.Kenyan, Tanzanian, Zimbabwean, Ethiopian , Yirgacheffe

ADDITIONAL INFO: Beans in Palicoffee from Central & South American Region :

Carrizal Community | Nozza | Elida |


from Africa :

Dumerso | Sidamo Guji | Aricha G1

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