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Picking the Right Grinding Size for Your Cup

When you look at your coffee grinder, even for the portable handy grinders, you will find numbers indicating a wide range of grinding size, most people only pick medium grind size for every cup of their coffee simply for the sake of convenience. This type of mentality is killing your coffee.

"Grinding Size Does Matter."

In this article, we are going to tell you more about how grinding size affect your coffee and how should you pick the right size for the grind.

Grind Sizes

coarse -----------> ----------> medium ---------> ---------> fine

Grind Size Vs Taste and Aroma

This is simple, the finer the grind the more taste and aroma you will get. It means we can make very concentrated flavour coffee even with the cheapest coffee dripping machine and very little coffee if you don't mind having a nasty cup.

Grind Size Vs Brewing Tools

The reason why we have to match the grind size with the brewing tool is mainly because we want to control the time our grinds dip in the water. Long steeping time might cause over extraction and make your coffee bitter, while short steeping time might result in under extraction and make very watery and unbalance coffee. For example, the Espresso machine makes coffee by "pushing" hot water through the grinds efficiently with high pressure, as the brewing process is quick, if the coarse grind is used, water pass through the grinds even quicker and left no time for extraction therefore result in under extraction. For pour over, although it's classified under pressure brewing, as the pressure applied is small, if fine grind is used, the gaps left between grinds for water to pass through is much smaller, it is very difficult for water to pass through the filter, therefore water flows very slowly and results in over extracted bitter coffee.

There are lots of charts or tables listing out which grind size for a particular brewing tool in the internet, but we found it not very practical to ask the public to memorize the whole chart or check out the list every time when they want to try a new brewing method. So what we are suggesting is to understand one very basic phenomena and remember one rule only. Which are "Pressure affect efficiency of water flow, the more pressure applied the more efficient the water can flow, while the higher the temperature the greater the pressure", "Finest grind for most efficient water flow".


Coarse Grind for ​French Presses or the percolator methods

Medium Coarse Grind for

Chemex type brewing tools

Medium Grind for

Siphon(vacuum coffee maker), Pour over or Auto Drip methods

Medium Fine to Fine Grind for

Cold Water Brewer

* Cold Water Brewing is a very different brewing method, we recommend starting from the fine grind and adjust the grinding size if you found your coffee bitter (over extracted) and base on your personal taste.

Fine Grind for

Espresso, Aero Press brewing tools

Very Fine/Turkish Grind (flour like) for

Moka Pot, Turkish, Briki method

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