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Single Origins VS Blends - Food Allergy

"Comparing the single origin coffee with blends is really an apples and oranges situation." If you are feeling difficult on deciding which is more suitable for you, maybe we can help you by giving you some concepts about the two, we've talked about price in our last article, this time, we will have a short discussion on FOOD ALLERGY.


Coffee bean itself is not classified as nuts but berries, it's not within the 8 common food allergens, we will talk about this in the future. There is no difference between single origin and blend in terms of types of the chemical composition contains, so other than caffeine allergy sufferers, drinking plain black coffee, no matter it is the single origin or blend should not cause problem to the common food allergy sufferers.

Adding cream or milk into coffee could enhance the texture and mask the bitterness, but, for milk allergy sufferers, this can never be an option, picking the right coffee bean become the key to making the perfect cups for them.

In general, single origin beans are perfect for milk, peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers, single origin beans are pride about their uniqueness of flavors and aroma, they were recommended to drink without additional flavoring, it's a good idea for these allergy sufferers to try finding their perfect cup starting by single origin beans. Many coffee beans, especially beans from South America carries the flavor and aroma of fresh nuts naturally, as single origin bean packs contain only a single types of bean, in additional they are often lightly roasted to sustain the natural flavor of the beans the nutty flavors are often more identical when compared with blend packs, which allows tree nut allergy sufferers enjoy the beauty of nuts in a safe way.

For blend beans, they taste good black or with milk, so it's also cool for milk allergy sufferers.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Beans with nutty character in Palicoffee:

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