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Single Origins VS Blends - Prices

Characters of beans vary by the places they came from, SINGLE ORIGIN beans are those coming from the same place, therefore, they are praised for their unique tasting notes and nuances. BLEND beans are those mixed beans from different locations which creates new flavors and textures that are hardly found in single origin beans. "Comparing the single origin coffee with blends is really an apples and oranges situation." If you are feeling difficult on deciding which is more suitable for you, maybe we can help you by giving you some concepts about the two, let's start with one of the factors that many people concern most, the PRICE.


Many people think that single origin beans are those bean with good quality and therefore they are much pricey when compared with blends. The truth is, it is only partly correct. Yes, single origin beans are usually with better quality with compared with blends under the same brand or company, but, professional roaster should not sell beans that fail the quality check, therefore, it’s never true in saying blend beans are always having lower quality than single origins.

One of the major reason affecting the prices of coffee beans is the location where the beans came from. For example, there are Blue Mountain, Hartmann and Nozza, with the famous Blue Mountain from Jamaican, Hartmann being from Panama which the beans from these origins are very likely to be recommended by the coffee world,and Nozza being from Brazil which will be cheaper between the three. If the blend is Blue Mountain mix Hartmann, it is very likely that price of this blend will be higher than the single origin Nozza.

So it’s not always true that blends are always more affordable. Single origin beans are great if you can get good ones and afford the price of these, but with coffee like all plants, their fruits change quickly and a good bean may be well for one season but not so great the next.

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