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The Talented Portrait Coffee Painter - DIRCEU VEIGA

Dirceu Veiga is a Brazilian Designer, Artist and Freelance Illustrator living in Curitiba, south of Brazil.

Veiga started his career in 1994, working as an illustrator artist for children’s books in several Publishing Companies. In 2007, he started to create awesome celebrity portraits and other paintings with coffee as material, by then, he got famous for his coffee paintings.

An article about Veiga in a Dutch magzine

An article about Veiga in a Dutch magazine.

Happy Mother's Day " saids in Veiga.

In addition to the paintings done in the studio, he also does live performances that are held in the form of live caricatures. Each caricature takes about 7 minutes to be drawn and then is painted with espresso coffee in front of the person being caricatured. Although we are not lucky enough to watch his live performances, but we all have the honor to own our portrait coffee painting from Veiga !

Go to Veiga’s official website, to see more coffee paintings.


DIRCEU VEIGA official page - http://dirceuveiga.com.br/ DIRCEU VEIGA Twitter - https://twitter.com/dirceuveiga

Youtube - www.youtube.com http://www.marciatoccafondo.com.br/2008/10/shopping-mueller-com-cheirinho-de-caf.html

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