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List of Brewing Methods n Tools

pour over

The character and quality of coffee is directly affected by the brewing method, for decade, people had never stopped searching for the best way to make their perfect cup. The passion in coffee drives designers and baristas developed wide varieties of new brewing tools and methods. Coffee brewing is no longer a watering of grinds but scientific yet artistic.

In this article, we are going to briefly introduce you some basic coffee brewing method and tools, both modern and traditional.


Pressure Brewing

Makes complex coffee with a lighter body when compared with espresso, the result varies drastically depending on the ration of dry coffee to water and timing.

Auto Drip

Gravity Brewing

Makes clean and medium body coffee with dedicated flavour

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Coffee Boiling and steep Brewing

Specifically making Greek coffee, coffee with strong and thick body and with a layer of foam (or kaïmaki, pronounced kaee-MAH-kee), which should be rich


Gravity Brewing

Makes light body clear coffee, paper taste might found creep in, performs particularly well for large portion.

Cold Brewing

Gravity Brewing

The outcome will be light in body yet bold in flavour with little acidity, served chilled with whiskey.


Pressure Brewing

Makes bold and heavy body coffee with crema, often serve in a shot

French Press

Pressure Brewing

Makes rich and heavy body coffee, even chalky if done improperly.

Moka Pot

Pressure Brewing

Makes a stronger brew than that obtained by pour over, similar to espresso but not considered to be a true espresso and has different flavor characteristics, may create a foam emulsion, known as crema.


Gravity Brewing

Makes a rich bold brew, larger size brewer tends to over extracts less often and makes better coffee

Pour Over

Gravity Brewing

Makes clean body coffee at a comparatively lower temperature. Pour overs can accentuate lighter, more fruit-forward characteristics or dark “roaster” notes.

Siphon (vacuum coffee maker)

Pressure Brewing

Makes a delicate cup with a body similar to that of tea.