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Find Your Taste of Roasting

There are hundreds of coffee beans in the coffee market waiting for your choice, before getting to know the brands or origins, maybe the easiest choice you could make is what roast level to purchase, light, medium or dark roasted coffee. Yes, coffee tastes different in regards to their roasting levels.

Coffee roasting transforms the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans and as a result changing the flavor of the beans. Basically, the darker the bean is roasted, the more dominant is the burnt / charred flavor, therefore, the darker the roast, the more similar the bean would taste.

" The coffee roasting level is an often desirable characteristic that adds another layer of flavor to a coffee and the results are variable with skilled coffee roasters control. "

Light Roast The beans are often in very pale brown color and have a very dry surface. They carry most original character of a particular breed and you would be better able to taste the difference between beans from different origins. You will realize the floral note, the fruitiness, and earthy aroma are so vibrant that you can never find in dark roast coffee, but not all coffees taste great in light roast as some breed carries peanuty, vegetably, cocoay characters that most people found it undesirable. As the crafting from roaster is minimized, the bean tastes almost as it’s “cherry” which also means very likely that light roasted coffee bean don’t taste balanced and therefore some people might found it too citrus or too floral. As to ameliorate the imbalance of light roasting beans, Palicoffee also provides medium light roasted coffee bean for your choice.

Medium Light Roast As its name implies, it falls somewhere in between the two color phases. The beans are slightly darker than cinnamon color and still have a dry surface.

Medium Roast The beans usually have a fuller body and medium brown color but still oil free on the surface. This roasting level always gives an impression of great balance and brings out the best flavors as the bean has begun to caramelize but not burnt. Other than balancing, this roasting level also brings out hidden flavors that are too weak to taste in light roast for a specific breed, like citrus, fruity and berry in.

Medium Dark Roast These beans are often seen in chocolate color and tend to be oily. The medium-dark roast has a heavy body, the flavors and aromas of the roasting process become noticeable, and the taste of the coffee may be somewhat spicy and slightly charcoal.

Dark Roast They are often shiny with oil and are very dark in color, sometimes virtually black. The coffee is bold and so rich and dark that taste of “cherry” left is so thin, there’s almost no trace on acidity. Tastes converge towards chocolatey darkness, and a little in the way of floral, berry, fruit, citrus.

Each person has a different roast preference, which is why vast variations of coffees are so widely available on the market. Palicoffee allows you to pick your preferred roast level for the bean of your choice. So now the question is…which is your favorite?

Picking your taste: Of course, each coffee’s uniqueness comes out at different roast levels, reading the descriptions under the coffees definite the best way to understand the specific coffee, but if you are new to coffee, following question may help you find your cup.

Do you like dark rich coffee that is full body, bold and rich? You may consider medium dark or dark roasted coffee.

Do you like a balanced coffee with potential elements of citrus, fruit, berry, acidity, and a complete range of flavors? Medium roast coffees should be good for you.

Do you want to taste wildly different coffees at the extremes?

Perhaps, light or medium light roast are the best choices for you.


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