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Welcome, Coffee lovers!

We're particularly excited about launching this coffee blog as it perfectly acts in concert with our brand, Palicoffee and introduces to public the remarkable coffee world. We hope you'll be a regular visitor on our site and in our stores.

On the Palicoffee Blog, we'll share with you information about coffee from beans to cup and from land to people. Although we may sell coffee and tools, our passion and purpose is actually advocating coffee culture and make people every daily life more beautiful.

Coffee is not just a cup of hot drink, it’s reality, it’s live, it’s an art piece, it’s you. It is very likely that the value of coffee beans are basically decided by their origins, and then the quality of trees. But still, they are just pieces of humble green seeds hidden inside the “cherries”,waiting for the craftsmen and artists to turn them into the art pieces. I’ll say it’s their honor to be picked by Palicoffee as it actually means that they carry the quality to transforming into a great piece and it's up to you to decide how your piece gonna be. You’ll find all you need here to design and make your very own cup.

So just sit back and relax, enjoy the coffee.

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