Return and Exchange

Your satisfaction is our greatest happiness, As to protect your benefit and to ensure your satisfaction, we have set up a Return and Exchange  Policy to follow incase if any conflict.


7-days Goods Returns

We accept return or exchange of products sold by PALICOFFEE within 7 days of receipt ( base on delivery record). Please kindly refer to the "Refund Policy" section for more details.

Non-Returnable Items

Our returns policy does not apply to the following items:

  • Coffee beans.

  • Any product that is returned more than 7 days after receipt.

  • Any product that has been used.

  • Any product that is not in its original condition, is damaged, or is missing parts.

  • Any discount product that has been stated by Palicoffee as non-returnable.

  • In the event of dispute, the decision by Palicoffee will be final and conclusive.

  • Custom Orders or customed items (e.g. roasted coffee bean)

  • Any situations not fit to our return or refund policy.

  • Color difference. As quality and settings on color display of moniters varies (brightness, contrast, saturation etc), we do not accept return requests on color difference (e.g. the color is not as vivid as expected etc.), but we do accept returns if the wrong color item has been received. e.g. you ordered red we sent you green.

  • Uneven size, shape or color on coffee bean or color difference in coffee bean within the pack. As our coffee bean is good quality natural product, it is normal to have difference between the beans size, shape and color even if it's processed of after roasting.

Damaged Items

All products are checked for quality before dispatch. Whilst we try our best to ensure that the product is delivered in perfect condition, damages may occur during delivery. Please return it to us by following our Return Procedures.


Applies only to:

Damaged items
Defective items
Incorrect items


Free resend

Delivery service provider / Palicoffee mistakenly sent the order to a wrong address. We shall re-send the product via the same shipping method without extra delivery charges.


Refundable return shipping fee

Return shipping fee will be refunded upon receipt of the damaged, defective, or incorrect product concerned.


Item returned to us as undeliverable or unclaimed

  • For detail policy on undeliverable/incorrect address return, please refer to "Undelivered Order" under Refund Policy. 

  • Returns of "uncontactable" cases (for the protection of both parties, we will contact our buyer via given e-mail, if there is no reply within 7 days of contact we will classify as "uncontactable" case) will be treated as an utterance / expression of cancelation order from buyer. Palicoffee reserve the rights proceed on the cancellation without futher notice.

  • For details on cancelation for undeliverable / unclaimed returns, please refer to "Undelivered Orders" under refund policy.

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Update Delivery Information

  • Update of delivery information should be done before items dispatch, otherwise customer will have to update the information to the delivery service provider by themselves. It's possible  that customer might not be able to change the delivery information, Palicoffee carry no responsibility for losts in these cases.

  • For coffee bean subscriber, please kindly have your delivery information updated at least 2 weeks before dispatchion week (Every frist week of the month), Palicoffee carries no responsibility on the lost(s) caused by the late update of address. No resend nor refund will be offered for these cases. 

 Return Procedure

You may return a product to us in person, or online by following a few simple steps:

  1. Click "Message Us"

  2. Type in your Order Number, the Product concerned and the reason for your return.

  3. We might request for a clear photo of the item you received for our record (situation varies) , any return/exchange that cannot provide the photo when requested will be classicfied as case that do not fit to our return/exchange/refund policy. 

  4. Pack the product to be returned along with our acknowledgement email securely in a box that we can expedite your request.

  5. Mail the items to be returned to PALICOFFEE, 12/F, Flat C&D, Phase 1, City Industrial Complex, 116-122 Kwok Shui Rd, Kwai Chung, N.T. HK All return shipping must be prepaid. Cash on Delivery (COD) returns

Reschedule Booking

  • We allow free reschedule of booking for 1 time

  • for reschedule for the second time onwards, please kindly refer to " Booking Surcharge, Multi reschedule"

  • surcharge might be needed for late reschedule (less than 2 days before the session), please kindly refer to "Surcharge".

  • Rescheduling will only be proceeded after administration fee is confirmed as received (Paypal).

Booking Surcharge

  • Rescheduling will only be proceeded after administration fee is confirmed as received (Paypal).

  • No surcharge will be refund

  • Multi reschedule

10% workshop fee for administration will be charged for reschedule of bookings for second time, there will be an add up for every rescheduling, details of charge as following: 10% workshop fee x (no. of times of the reschedule-1)
e.g. Rescheduling "Brewing at home" for the third time, surcharge:
($380 x 10%)x(3-1)= $38 x 2 = $76

  • Late reschedule

10% workshop fee for administration fee will be charged for late reschedule
e.g. Rescheduling "Brewing at home" for the third time 1 day before session, surcharge:
10% workshop fee x (no. of times of the reschedule-1) + late reschedule 10% workshop fee =

($380 x 10%)x(3-1)+($380 x 10%) = $38 x 2 +$ 38 = $114

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • All items returned would be checked and faults verified before a refund is given.

  • Refund is only applicable when the product is sold out. Refund will be made in the same form as the original upon purchase.

  • Custom items (including roasted coffee beans) are not refundable once made. 

  • Non-returnable items would not be eligible for refund or reissued.

  • Bookings (and surcharges) for workshop is non-refundable. However we do allow transfer of credits to another session (subject to seat availability).

  • Cancellation is available for Aroma Box subscription under the following conditions ONLY:

  1. Cancellation before roasting of the coffee bean and within 7 days of subscription

  2. Cancellation for automatic renewal subscription plan that has not started yet.
    Refund cannot be done before transaction of renewal subscription.

  3. Palicoffee unable to provide (unable to send out beans) coffee beans for 2 months
    Refund for the packs that are not completed in subscription

  4. Cancellation with rational reason (proof will be required, Palicoffee reserve the right of final decision)
    Refund will be offered to accepted cancellation via Paypal after a reduction of the dispatched beans in original price, extra delivery fee / resend fee (if any) and 30% total subscription fee for surcharge of 10% administration fee and 20% penalty. 
    e.g. Accepted cancellation because of migration with offical document(s), 4 months subscription remaining. Refund for applican will be as following:
    Subscription fee - dispatched bean in original price (varies by beans) - 30% surcharge = $2160 - ($100+$100+$120+$180+$120+$100+$100+$110) - ($2160 x 30%) = $2160 - $930 - $648 = $582 So the total Palicoffee is sending to the applican will be $582.
    *Paypal may charge for administration fee from the amount we refund, for details please refer to note of "refund timline".


Refund Timeline

Refund will be issued to the same account holder and in the same form of payment originally used for purchase.


PayPal - 60 days (start counting from payment date)



Administration fee will be charged for refund transaction by Paypal if the refund is made after 60 days of your payment, and the administration fee is non-refundable. For accounts that cannot accept transfer, we can postponed the refund for maximum 30 days after notification. Customers are required to settle their Paypal account inorder to receive the refund or under some situation, they may also pick up the refund at our shop, please kindly conatact for further arrangment. If customer's Paypal account fail to accept the transfer within the postponed 30 days or not picking up the refund within the peroid, this case will be classified as customer refuse for the refund case, which no refund will be available afterwards. Cash refund only available at shop up.

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 Undelivered Orders

  • When the delivery agent returns an undeliverable package to us, we issue a refund by deducting the original shipping fee, handling fee and no less than $25 or 15% of the value of products as re-stocking fee. Occasionally orders are returned to us because of  different reasons. 

  • We can re-ship orders that are returned to us as because of incorrect address or undeliverable address. However, customers are responsible to provid a new address for the resend, reshipment fees will be charged for their parcel.

  • For coffee bean subscriber, as all members enjoy free shipping already, if the item returned as undelivered, the resend of beans will be on hold and resend with the coffee beans in the coming month. Members may request for an earily resend, however, extra shipping / resend fee will be required, no action will be taken until surcharge has been confirm as received. Palicoffee might request for a new delivery address in some cases, member is responsible to provide a new address when upon request. If there's no update of delivery information from member 1 month after notification/request, Palicoffee reserve the right to classify the case as an application of cancellation on subscription from member, no resend nor refund will be offered.

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Shipping Policy

SF Express

Delivery Time:

SF-Express : 1 - 2 working days after confirm as dispatched  

Delivery Fee*:

Less than $800: $60

Over $800: Free


$30 surcharge for any shipment picks up from or delivers to Non-Industrial / Commercial address in Hong Kong.

$30 surcharge for remote area (list for remote area: Chinese, English)

*Free delivery is not suitable for costumers who buy Palico products through our cooperation partners. 

Ship Pick Up

As to ensure the quality of the product, we will contact our customer to arrange the pick up

location & opening hour


Payment Method


Limited to pick up and workshop only.




Bank Transaction

Hong Kong local bank transaction, transaction slip required.



Paypal and Credit Card

An internationally recognized safe online transaction service provider. Credit card transaction is available.

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Product Lead Time

green coffee beans:
1-3 working days


roasted coffee beans:
1-4 working days


non coffee bean product:
1-3working days

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Q: I bought 2 packs of 100g coffee bean and ship with Hong Kong Post Regular Mail. Why I was charged for $20 delivery fee in stead of $15?
A: The shipping fee was calculated upon the total weight of the whole package, as to ensure the product is securely protected, all orders are packed with good quality package which result in adding some weight to the item. Therefore we end up getting 2 packs of 100g coffee beans weighted above 0.25kg, total shipping fee as $20 instead.




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