A   Scale ( hopper lid )
B   Bean hopper
C   Grinder disc
D   Burr
E    Start/Stop with LED light Indication
F    Casing
G   Coffee ground container


    Place the grinder on flat level surface and plug power cord into outlet.
    The button light will glow white (2 sec), then light off.

    Note: If the bean hopper has not been properly locked into position, the coffee
    grinder will not start operation due to safety reason.








    Adjusting Grinding Level:
    Press and release the Start/Stop button, the button light glow white. Remove the lid.   








    Select the desired grinding degree by turning the grinding setting from fine to coarse. Switch off the grinder when done.



    Weigh the coffee beans based on your desired brew volume. Pour the beans into other hopper and close the scale-lid.



    Coffee ground container maximum capacity – 75g. Please do not fill more than 75g coffee bean into bean hopper. 

  • Start the Coffee Grinding Operation:
    Press and release the Start/Stop button, the button light glow white. The grinder will automatically stop after end of grinding, white light pulsing 3 times. Complete the grinding job, then the button light will turn off.

    Note: You can interrupt the grinding process at any time by pressing the Start/Stop button.    









    Pull out the coffee ground container.








    Dispense ground coffee directly into any coffee maker filter basket.

For your safety, please kindly download and read the full the instruction carefully before use.”

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