A    Start / Stop Button
B    Grinding Setting (9 levels)

C    Casing Marking

D    Closure Markings

E    Screw-top Opening Collection Container

F    Hopper

G   Collection Container

  • Setting Grind Suggestion
    1 - 2   Fine   Turkish, Mocha, Espresso,

                      (Max bean volume. 20g)

    3 - 7   Medium  Drip/Automatic Drip/Filtered, Percolator, Pour Over

                           (Max bean volume. 30g)

    8 - 9   Coarse   French Press, Cold Brew

                          (Max bean volume. 30g)

    Select the desired grinding degree by turning the grinding setting, from fine to coarse.







    Open the hopper by turning the casing to the

    unlock position and remove the casing from above. 





    Pour the beans into the hopper and close by

    replacing the casing. Turn the casing to the lock position.





    Connect the power cable to the appliance and plug in. Press the Start/Stop button to start the grinding process. Once the desired quantity of beans has been ground, switch off the coffee grinder by pressing Start/Stop button. Note: You can interrupt the grinding process at any time.




    Remove Grounds: Holding the base firmly

    in one hand, grasp the bottom ring with the

    other hand and turn clockwise until the tray

    door is in the open position.






    Dispense ground coffee directly into any coffee

    maker filter basket.

For your safety, please kindly download and read the full the instruction carefully before use.”

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