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We are obsessed with coffee, we love how it connect our soul with the earth, we love how it lead us to different people, we love how it guild us to find our way. Here's our way, PALICOFFEE, the perfect cup.

In 2016, we became the bridge between coffee farmers and coffee lovers, as professional coffee roasters, we are determined to bring the enjoyment of quality coffee to the public and introduce them into the profound coffee world in every altitude and latitude.

We see ourselves as an ambassador of the coffee world, it is our honor to be able to support the sustainability of the environment and the coffee industry.

Image by Christina Rumpf

It's just the beginning of our work when the coffee beans join our family after going through all the rigorous screening and careful selection from the sources.

We are not only insisting on having all our beans crafted in small batches and roasted to orders for freshness, we also adhere to have the beans chart, graph, cup, taste, tweak, roast and cup again consistently for a guarantee on the stable quality coffee beans.

We design our coffee products according to the nature of the ingredients so as to bring out the true character of the coffee, yet, in a style that is easy to handle so any person can brew their own coffee at home and get embraced by the breath from the mother nature.




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