Overview on the principles of brewing
like extraction ratio, grind size and water temperature matching, TDS,
gold cup standard etc.


Instead of brainwashing for one single technique, we encourage you

to develop your very own style of  brewing - let your taste buds be your judge!

Participants are encouraged to bring their own gear from home.

Group Size: 4 people max.

Date: every Saturday ONLY
          (except public holidays)

Time: 11:00 -1:00 or 2:30 – 4:30

Price: $380.00 / person

Course Include

  • Introduction to Coffee

  • Basic Green Bean Botany

  • Introduction to coffee tasting

  • Introduction to coffee
    measurement (TDS, MOJO)

  • Correct "Water-Coffee" Ratio

  • Water quality (PPM)

  • Guilded coffee brewing with two different brewing methods / tools from the following:

*Hand-Drip filter
*Smart dripper

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